Run Coaching NYC

Prepare for your first (or fastest) long distance race with Rachel Trotta!

Run Coaching NYC

Do you want to:

  • Cross the finish line of your first “long race”?
  • Feel confident and effortless as a runner?
  • Improve your race time?
  • Lose weight and look better on and off the track?
  • Avoid injury and build a lifelong passion for running?

I can help, with my “Run Coaching NYC” program! Whether we work in-person or remotely, I can help you structure your long-distance training plan, create workouts that work, and supervise your nutrition so that you get the best results of your life!

Tell me a little bit more about yourself so that we can get in touch. You’ll also get a free gift – my guidebook for runners, “Injury-Proof”!

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*Currently, I run:

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Success Story

RachelĀ helped me to ease back into running after a broken foot and be ready for a half marathon just 4 months after my injury! I lost weight and toned up in the process.” – Meredith, NYC Public School Teacher

While training for her first half-marathon, Meredith developed a stress fracture in one of her feet. After she missed the race she had been diligently preparing for, Meredith decided to get a coach, and I’m glad she found me! Under my guidance, Meredith strengthened her entire lower body, including her core, hips, and legs, and she rehabilitated her broken foot with a special run-walk program that I use with all of my long-distance training clients. Meredith sailed through her first half marathon four months later, and is now preparing for two more this year. She has shaved minutes off of her mile time, and has also whittled away inches from her waist with my nutrition program. Great job, Meredith!