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About Me

I am a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist (ACE), a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE), and a running coach. Through my business, I provide in-home personal training in apartment gyms and, if desired, apartment units. I also offer distance coaching, using telephone and e-mail for convenient accountability and structure for motivated individuals who are willing to work independently. I specialize in helping women manage weight and live a healthy lifestyle, and I also coach runners who are working on increasing distance and speed. I make fitness easy by coming to you. It’s easy to prioritize exercise when it can happen in your living room or apartment gym with a trained professional programming your fitness journey!

As one client said, “Rachel is an incredible trainer whose motivation and dedication are contagious!” I like to think that what my clients are sensing is my passion for progress, growth, and a lifetime of sustainable fitness. My philosophy is that “everything is connected” – literally, in the sense of your kinetic chain, but also in the holistic mindset of one small change leading to another. I can help you improve your habits and make permanent change with one shift at a time, and it is pure joy for me to help you do so.

 My Story
The College Years

The College Years

Where does this excitement for exercise come from? I never predicted that I would feel this way about fitness. In fact, if you currently hate exercise and can’t bring yourself to do it on your own, then please know how much I relate to you! For most of my childhood and teen years, I was borderline overweight, and then college added on the Freshman Fifteen, then the Sophomore Twenty… And so it went. By the end of college, I was not in a happy place with my body or my relationship with food.

Originally from the Deep South (Baton Rouge), I had inherited a cultural love for fried food, heavy desserts, and potluck dinners. While it’s easy to sentimentalize “traditional food cultures,” I’m sorry to say that the one I absorbed as a young person put me on a fast track to pre-hypertension and extremely unstable blood sugar by the end of college.

My appearance was not a strong motivator – I didn’t think it was possible for my body to change. I did not make the connection that I would have to moderate my eating lifestyle and pick up healthier habits to reverse my course.

Everything changed when I fell in love and got into a really serious relationship – once I started dating my then-boyfriend, now-husband Michael, I found the motivation to take better care of myself. It transcended merely wanting to look great on the wedding day (although that was definitely a factor). Michael was an avid runner and biker, and I found myself inspired to get my lifestyle under control so that I could be at my best, as well.


I will be honest. For those of you looking to lose weight and get really fit, it is not an overnight experience. For me, it took about 10 months to lose the most significant amount of weight (about 30-40 pounds), and the last 10 pounds took even longer and more work. Even more importantly, the process was as much mental and emotional as it is physical. I had to completely transform my routines, my cooking, my expectations, and my choices. But this process inspired me to share my experience with others. Five years later, I got certified as a personal trainer and transitioned my love of teaching from a career in classroom teaching to personal training.

If you feel like you can “never say no” to food, I’ve been there! I can help. If you hate exercise, get in line… behind 21-year-old me. If you can’t find the time around a busy job, I’ve been there too! I promise you – every obstacle is surmountable, you have potential that you can’t even dream of, and you can do it with the right motivation and guidance. I will work with you to create a fitness lifestyle that will give you the results you want.

There is a “new normal” out there waiting for you. I know, because I never would have dreamed that one day I would do things like proudly wear shorts, commute as a cyclist (without passing out), run races, or be called “skinny.” I never thought any of those things could be possible. You are stronger, smarter, and more capable than you think!

My Writing

I write frequently for online publications on the subjects of health, wellness, and career satisfaction. Most recently, I published the injury prevention manual Injury-Proof: Moving Better, Training Smarter, and Building an Invincible Core. I also have articles available with MindBodyGreen and Tiny Buddha, and I contribute weekly to my own blog. I am also a public speaker and love to help running groups improve their methods, performance, and cross-training.

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