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Discover how easy it can be to love your body with Rachel Trotta, certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and owner of Personal Training UWS!

Do you have a specific idea of what you want to achieve?

Many of my clients have a very clear vision of themselves at a leaner weight or accomplishing an athletic goal like running a race, and have tried on their own for years to make progress. But nutritional advice and exercise articles can be confusing and overwhelming, while modern life offers many opportunities to torpedo good intentions of exercise and healthy eating.

My career mission, and why I started Personal Training UWS, is to simplify this process for you by cutting through the overcrowded airways of advice and conflicting data, creating a workable exercise schedule and eating lifestyle, and assisting you in fostering independent, healthy routines that reflect your individual personality, schedule, and priorities. While some principles are the same for everyone, it is essential that your routine fits your life and your body!

Click HERE to learn more about me and my own weight loss story, HERE to check out remote personal training options (if you’re not in NYC), or HERE to set up a free phone consultation for in-person training!

Success Stories

  • Testimonial
    Rebecca, Strength Training and Nutrition

    I was finding it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep up with the fast pace of life. After meeting with Rachel, I knew it was possible. She is very understanding and able to address any and all problems I am having that are preventing me from reaching my goals. It’s so motivating! Overall, Rachel is an incredible trainer whose motivation and dedication are contagious!

  • Testimonial
    Amy, Strength Training

    As a life-long athlete, I didn't really think I had much to gain from a personal trainer other than motivation. But Rachel's strong core work regimen and focus on all aspects of health outside the gym has helped me to improve my fitness level even while recovering from a broken foot. When I returned to my normal activities, I was astounded at how great things felt with my new levels of strength. She is a motivating and passionate trainer that I recommend with no reservations.

  • Testimonial
    Meredith, Long Distance Endurance Training

    Working with Rachel has been great! She helped me to ease back into running after a broken foot and be ready for a half marathon just four months after my injury! I lost weight and toned up in the process. She came to my apartment and building gym - this made sticking to the plan really easy. I’m excited to keep working with Rachel to improve my times for future races!

  • Testimonial
    Samantha, Yoga and Wellness

    I wanted to ensure my physical health, as well as my mental health. Rachel picked up on that instantly during our initial consultation. She puts together an incredible and personalized fitness package, which included (for me) fitness, meditation and yoga. I love the balance, and immediately felt a positive change in my body and overall quality of life.  I truly look forward to the next session.

  • Testimonial
    Carolina, Long Distance Endurance Training

    Rachel's weekly training plans were easy to follow yet challenged my body- I definitely saw (and continue to see) results! She inspires me to challenge myself inside and outside of the gym every day- she's the best trainer I've had!

My Method

All of my workouts are designed to be successful with what you have available, whether that is a large, well-equipped apartment gym or a living room in a brownstone! I believe that a high level of fitness can be achieved without a gym membership, and that you can use a few simple tools to get in the best shape of your life!

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